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I want to listen to new type of music, can you suggest of some real good music that you like to listen to?


Anonymous asked
Im afraid of breaking up with my man because like cause if him i know people , as in he introduced me to new people so if we end things , theey are gonna hate me and stuff help !

If they like you for you and not simply because of your position in their friends life then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If they do end up disliking you - you’ve weeded out some extras in your life.

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Because i did love him but like i just didnt think the spark was there :/

Well then you have to accept your decision. Maybe it’s for the best!

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I broke up with my man when i was with him for about a year , hes my very first one ! He was very sweet and caring , now im just afraid im gonna regret it ? And i'll never be able to get over it. I always hear stories about letting a good guy go and ending up with a complete dickhead , i dont want that to happen to me :/ any thoughts ?

Why would you regret giving up something that YOU decided you wanted to give up?

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How do you dye your hair without damaging it ? And what color do you dye it ?

You go to a salon.

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Do you like Drake as a rapper?

You can’t deny he has bars

Anonymous asked
whats your advice to a girl who constantly compares herself to others?


You are you and that is inevitable so comparing yourself to others (who have their own issues with themselves) is counterproductive for your growth.

Anonymous asked
Pt2: him and don't let him be the man. I'm trying as much as I can but I can't change fully over night. I want to make him happy because he makes me happy. How do I make him understand that

Actually, sometimes older men pick younger women simply because they can be better manipulated by the “older, wiser” man when really they haven’t matured enough for women their age. Some depend on their age to insinuate to their younger partner that try know more simply because they’ve been around longer, which is never always the case with anything in life.

Not saying that that is your situation, because I don’t know.

My advice is if it doesn’t feel right to you then don’t conform because someone else wants it to be. Everyone has their own views on what’s acceptable Anderson can’t meet eye to eye with everyone. Always express how you feel calmly so people don’t feel like you’re attacking them and hopefully y’all can work through it.

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Do you know anything about eyelash extensions vs the kind you just glue on? I wanna get eyelash extensions but dont want it to fuck up my real eyelashes... helppp please

I can tell you this much.. Don’t go to a Chinese nail salon for the extensions .. Your eyelashes will come out with them.

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Do you get along with your boyfriends friends or brothers? Is it like a brother/sister type relationship or is it like a "oh I'll be nice just cause he's laiths friend" basically I'm asking is do you think it's essential that you're close to your boyfriends boys because me and my friend are dating brothers. It's 3 of them and the single one always calls her sister and seems to favor her but he doesn't do that to me. Should I care enough to try to have that bond with him? Or just say eff it

Most definitely! That’s your mans family and at the end of the day if they like you it will make your life significantly easier than if they don’t. Especially if you and your man ever get into it…

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What do you wear for makeup? Your so beautiful please make a tutorial or something :)

I’m flattered! However, I can’t even wing my eyeliner lol

nynyesha asked
Can I climb inna yuh hole?

Lol no stop sign in there

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Hey Ayisha, I'm a young woman who's starting to come into my own, Ive accepted that Im a sexual being and I refused to be shamed for it and I'm very honest about my life to the people around me with the exception of my immediate family. Its starting to eat away at me because my mom and my sister have always been my best friends but now that I'm about to start putting myself out there performing explicit music I'm a little worried because they're conservative African women. Please help

It’s your life, if that is who YOU are and you’re tired of catering to what they’d like you to be then they’ll have to learn to accept it.

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I was talking to a guy and we'd talk pretty regularly then he stopped making effort and I continued and he still seemed into me. I decided I would take a step back and stop making effort since he wasn't and we haven't spoken in 2 months. Is it safe to say he gives no fucks and isn't interested?

It’s safe to say you dodged a bullet with that one.